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E-Liquid Ingredients – What’s In Your E-Liquid? Dinner Lady Vape Liquid

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If you have just stepped into the vaping world, you might be hearing about e-liquids. And if you are not familiar with dinner lady vape liquid, there is nothing to worry about. In this blog, you will get a deep understanding of e-liquids and why they are essential for vaping.

E-liquid is a vital component of any vape device. A vape device cannot work effectively without e-liquids. E-liquids are made of the four important ingredients:

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Flavourings
  • Nicotine

Propylene Glycol:

Propylene glycol is an odourless and tasteless liquid that most food industries use in food additives. They have no particular taste and are toxicant free. Propylene glycol is extensively used in various food products. For instance, it can be used to extend the shelf life of foods by providing them protection against deterioration from oxygen exposure. Besides, it prevents food from dryness and also prevents its ingredients from separating.

Moreover, propylene glycol, commonly known as PG, is also used in various cosmetics and injectibele medications. Actually, the list of PG is very long, and one cannot write all about them in a small blog!

PG in e-liquids holds utmost importance. PG is used to carry the e-liquid flavour in vape devices. Generally, PG is combined with VG to form the base of e-liquids. If you are a smoker who wants to switch to vaping to quit smoking, then it is recommended for you to opt for e-liqudis that contain PG in a high ratio.

PG in vape juices provides you with a strong throat hit similar to smoking. Disposable vape devices usually contain e-liquids with a high PG ratio.

Vegetable Glycerine:

Vegetable glycerin, often known as VG, is derived from vegetable oil and is considered safe for ingestion. VG is more viscous than PG. Moreover, it is slightly sweeter than PG and is used in daily life products. For instance, it is used in make-up products, pet food, deodorants, toothpaste, capsule pills and jellies.

Besides, VG is used in baking goods to enhance moisture. VG is not harmful for human consumption as it is derived from natural vegetable oil.

VG is used in e-liquids to produce big clouds of vapours. The huge clouds that you see when you pass by a vaper is due to the VG. Unlike PG, VG does not give a harsh throat. Instead, it gives a smooth throat hit.

E-liquids in rechargeable devices contain  VG in high proportion. The batteries in these devices give strong power and wattage to heat such thick e-liquids.


E-liquid flavours like Dinner Lady Vape Liquid and Signature Vape Juice give your vaping an additional touch. They improve your vaping quality. The flavours come in multiple ranges. From a deserted flavour to a menthol and tobacco flavour you can have the desired e-liquid flavour of your choice.


Nicotine in e-juices comes in various strengths. You can decide the strength of nicotine by yourself. It is understood that smokers find smoking quitting hard. The nicotine contained in vape juice will help any smoker to quit smoking habits abruptly.

The short answer to this question is yes. Vape has nicotine that may change your sleeping patterns, especially those who recently switched from smoking to vaping. Alot of vapers switch from smoking to vaping, which is a nicotine base E-liquid device, and nicotine is the main cause of sleep reduction. But it definitely is not a permanent feature of your life as a vaper.

This article will help you to balance your night’s sleep.

The science behind vaping and poor sleep

Nicotine is a powerful stimulant that increases your heartbeat and blood pressure and makes you active that’s why you feel active and affects your ability to fall and stay awake. If you feel trouble getting sleep, it may be caused by nicotine quantity in your body that fell you awake and active. If you are new at switching from smoking to vaping, you feel more nicotine strength than smoking, and you may see changes in your sleeping patterns because of nicotine substances. You might have been fine in smoking at your bedtime, and many smokers feel comfortable in it.

Nicotine can cause vivid dreams because nicotine gives confusing signals to the brain of being asleep or awake can be mixed. That is the reason your vivid dreams convert into nightmares.

Does vaping make you snore?

Although E-cigarettes smoke is gentle on your nose and throat than regular cigarettes, they still cause some irritation on your throat. Ordinary cigarettes contain anaesthetic properties to reduce irritation of the throat.

Most E-liquids contain propylene glycol, which causes irritation, dehydration and inflammation. Snoring is caused by swollen tissues of the mouth and throat vibration against one another while inhaling. More swollen tissues cause more snoring because the body inhales oxygen during sleep. It may lead you to sleep apnoea and face difficulty getting deep sleep or frequent waking.

How to improve your sleeping pattern

The most effective way to improve your sleeping pattern is to reduce your E-liquid quantity containing nicotine or choose those E-liquids free from nicotine before bedtime. In this way, your muscle will be relaxed and thereby reduce the stimulant effects of nicotine. You can follow some helpful techniques that will create better sleeping patterns.

Try to reduce your screen time:

We all know very well that reducing screen time is very helpful for sleeping. Because the blue light emitted from mobile devices or digital devices signals the brain to think, and it is the time for sleep, not for waking.

Keep yourself hydrated

As discussed above, vaping with nicotine E-liquids cause your throat to dry out, irritation, and swell. So to cater for this problem, try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water in a day. It may help you at night like a fan directly points your face and causes irritation to your throat. it will also provide you with a humidifier. It is best to drink a hot drink or decaffeinated tea with honey or suck cough sweet candies or cough syrup at night. These practices are helpful for your throat.

Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Try to avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee and alcohol; these drinks have the quality to wake you the whole night. So if you want a deep and peaceful sleep, you should try to avoid it.

Develop regular sleep pattern

Setting your sleeping routine will help you alot in creating a better sleep pattern. Good sleep will improve your health and try to build the habit of going to bed at night and waking up every day at the same time, even on weekends will keep your body on a track of regular good sleep, and it will also make your daily routine.


Make sure when your purchase e-liquid you do not overdo the nicotine strength. Also, check the detail of each ingredient before making a purchase. Always buy flavours that best suit your personality. And most importantly, never purchase e-liquid from an unauithetic brand.

Always purchase your Best e-liquids UK from a reputable vape brand!

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