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Fabric Pots -An Indian Startup

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During Covid, Green Queen fabrics started their own handmade Fabric Pots.
At This Time Every People has a fear of the Covid pandemic, and no one wants to buy anything outdoor.
By Solving this problem Green Queen Fabrics Introduced Fabric Pots.
In these Pots, You can sow seeds of vegetables and fruits. These fabric pots are durable for a long and also have Washable Properties.

They are extremely healthy for your plants, really easy to use for CONTAINER GARDENING, and washable & long-lasting.
Fabric pots were originally designed as an alternative option to hard plastic or clay pots. The first industry to use them were large nurseries growing trees & much more. They needed a healthy and lightweight solution to protect what they were going to sell. Now fabric pots are being chosen by nurseries, farms, and backyards everywhere.


👉Air pruning is a method that usually helps in the growth of new branching roots in a plant in the absence of humidity.

👉Soil aeration is basically term as the diffusion of gaseous particles through the soil pores for the growth of plants and maintaining soil texture and also help in keeping it cool.

How Fabric Pots Work?

  • Green Queen Fabric pots oxygenation or water stagnation.
  • As Fabric pots are Air Pruning Flower Pots, it prevents Root Circling or Stunned Growth of roots.
  • AS the root grows and comes in contact with the edge of the Fabric Pot, the Root Senses the Dry Soil that is exposed to the air.
  • At this point, root knows that they have reached their growth limit.
  • The root becomes dehydrated. This dehydrated root tip stops growing and sends out an army of Lateral Roots.
    These lateral roots branch out to form a dense network that extracts moisture and nutrients efficiently.
  • As a result, a Superior supply of Water and Nutrients to the plant, the Plant grows bigger.

How Fabric Pots Are Better Than Plastic Pots and HDPE Bags?

The first Point Is the Durability of Fabric Bags or Pots. Fabric plant containers have a bigger life than Plastic plant pots as well as HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) bags. Plastic containers can be used for 2-3 years and HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) can be used once or twice but in the case of fabric pots, they are durable for 5+ years. And can be used again and again because of their washable property.
Plant planted in Fabric Pots remains healthier than plastic containers or HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) bags. Because of root circling in Plastic Pots. But in Fabric pots, you never see root circling because they are Air Pruning Pots.
You can use plastic plant pots and HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) bags only as pots and grow bags respectively. But fabric pots come with two in one property, because you can use fabric pots as well as grow bags.

And many more differences you will see when you use fabric pots.

What Are Grow Bags or Fabric Pots?

Green Queen Fabric Pot is known for its Grow Bags, made of Geo Fabric, commonly known as Fabric Pots. Fabric Pots are BREATHABLE POTS and help Growers to get better Yield, More Roots, and Fruits for years to Years.


Fabric Pots are not biodegradable. Green Queen Fabric Pots are intended to be very long-lasting above-ground containers.
You can bury our pots, but they will not deteriorate. This type of geotextile fabric was originally created for plumbing use. Being underground will not negatively affect anything.

Why Green Queen Fabric Pot?

There are many other companies in India that are making fabric pots. But Green Queen is the first who introduced fabric containers in Indian Market. They use the best quality of fabric for making fabric pots. And also, they Guaranteed their product for 5yrs.
Green one of the most popular websites related to gardening. They provide gardening tools, their specialist s grow bags, or fabric pots.
Best things in fabric pots
The material used for making fabric pots is chemically stable and safe. It will not leach anything into the soil or the environment. It is washable and reusable also. We try to make our product last longer (up to 5 years).


  1. These pots are Eco-Friendly, made from recycled water bottles.
  2. These are BPA free and UV Stabilized.
  3. These are Better than solid-sided plastic containers.
  4. These pots are help in Boost’s plant growth and yields.
  5. Encourages a more fibrous, dense root structure.
  6. This fabric allows roots to breath properly.
  7. These fabrics Prevents roots from circling.
  8. Allows roots to grow freely throughout the soil.

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