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Harsh Verma

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Adapting to all sorts of new normal, not trying to be a change just tweaking the change. As there is a saying once an Engineer always an engineer, a full-time data science engineer & influenced towards divinity for a way of being. Follow me to know how you could conduct & carry to be extraordinarily normal. Loves nature & my tricolored flagged nation. Out of the “A” phase so happy to be friend and help in the finest manner I could.

The Initial Phase

Just started putting post & stories of just way of being “I”, 6 months later started getting brands approaching for promotion as they saw my followers getting increased, so far promoted men’s wear, bakery, different chocolate brands, food & places reviews on my Insta stories and cloud store for gender-neutral beauty products owned & operated by a well renowned & famous on TikTok & Josh Apps star. Just accepted and promoted whatever came up in my way and most importantly if it was good for human use & consumption.

Carrier And Personal Life

The world-famous celestial event for Kayasthas happened to be on 14th November 1994. B. tech in Information technology from WBUT passed 10th from Maria’s Day School, Howrah (WB). 12th From Raffles International school, Behr or Rajasthan. Working in Mindtree LTD as a full-time data science engineer.
Travelled a lot, believes in the power of Manifestation, Friends’ favourite cook: p, loves trying new cuisines. Makes & experimenter on coming up with different chocolate flavours and have joined chocolate cloud stores with a friend.

harsh verma chocolate


Vice head boy & General secretary in school, member of college councils. Able to achieve all my day-to-day goals set by me & I am most humble & significant about it.
Inspiration: Everything around is an inspiration for me, but I truly & deeply admire the work of Dr. APJ Abdul kalam & my all-time favorite human being SSR (Sushant Singh Rajput), both of them would be an inspiration for coming several years till the life on earth exists. Reading about them has always inspired me to be an auto-healing machine & that drive to be highly motivated and be inspired of own self!!

Net Worth

Very tricky but my bank account amount does not hold a balance equivalent to a phone number, it’s still 3 less than a 10-digit phone number… lol

Social Link

I am an INSTAGRAM thing & in future, you will see me with all being incorporated through the power of grams (Chana)

Why I Choose To Be A___

I can’t choose to be “A” or just one, I think there is nothing wrong to have a cake & eat it too…ahem ahem…. Still to put on as I am more of a social media person presently, I aspire to be trending on the below hashtags.

Favourite Things

Reading about data science & engineering, cooking, baking cakes, chocolate making, roller skates & cycling… & as I want to be a social media thing so extravagantly engaged with Instagramology: p (Gimme me credit for this terminology ha-ha ha-ha)

“FAVORITE Lines From A Phase of My Life”

Anybody who’s ever gone through depression will tell you.
It’s not just something you feel in your mind it rather you feel in something in your body
As much as it’s something in your head it’s also in your stomach
Having anxiety and depression is like being scared and tired 😪at the same time.
It’s the fear of failure but no urge to be productive
It’s wanting friends 👭👬 but hates socializing. It’s wanting to be alone but not wanting to be lonely😔
It’s feeling everything at once then feeling paralyzing numb.

Other Work

I am part of a couple of NGOs and unprocrastinating data-oriented technologies.

A Message To Followers

Just because my normal is beyond your ordinary that does not mean I am dramatic (No offense). No one is perfect, but filter it & manifest it through your colored glass, and YOU yourself will make it happen. YOU WOULD ATTEND ITTT
Wake up early every day & thank the universe… bow down to morning stars. Life is too lively to be me lifeless.

All I can say is a big prestigious thanks to “My Influencer Journey

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  1. Celebrate life , create / cultivate skill. Perfection in ordinary day-to-day work is a part of life celebration.

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