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Jolly Roger Telephone Company Net worth, Reviews and Revenue.

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In this article I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Jolly Roger Telephone Company Net Worth, review, revenue, day founded and many more. Just keep reading.

If you do aspire to stop Spam calls from Scammers, then I think you should contact the Jolly Roger Telephone company.

What is Jolly Roger Telephone Company all about? 

The Jolly Roger Telephone Company was built by developer Roger Anderson. He built a robot voice that answers with HELLO and then it keeps the conversation going, with telemarketers.

When telemarketers call a phone equipped with Jolly Roger, they’ll hear a sequence of “hello?… hello?…” messages followed by “hang on a sec” and then some silence, and then many Random words to keep the conversation going.

According to Roger Anderson, When you get a telemarketing call, you can manually start in the robot and then go on about your life or stay to listen to conversion.

Furthermore, It stays on the line and would never hang up the call and any time it senses a moment of silence in the conversation, the robot voice jumps in and fills the gap with generic words like “yes”, “right” or “hang on.”. Isn’t that fun?

How did he start the Telephone Robot company?

Before he created the talking robot, he said his young son answered a phone call some years back only to encounter an irate telemarketer who ended up using some bad words on him. So he was energized to create something that would put a stop to all this.

He got an idea…. How?

He actually started with an “opt-in” whitelist of caller-IDs. Telemarketers or anyone who calls his line are greeted with a message that says, “hey, if you are a real person, press any button and you’ll ring through to my house,or else, I’ll redirect you to voicemail and you can leave a message for me.” He actually assumed telemarketers would concur with his design, but not always.

But soon, these marketers soon find a way out. They would generally hang up after 10 seconds on the phone call;they use a predictive dialer to determine if they’ve called an answering robot or a human being.

According to him,he would want to cause these marketers much pain to stop calling his line. So he had to create an A.I robot that would get into a conversation and act like a normal being.

Amazing, he was successful with this. Anderson has now made the robot A.I. available for the public to use.

Jolly Roger Telephone Company: How Does it Work?

You can use this A.I Telephone robot to protect your mobile phone/numbers, home phone or landline.

Here is a tutorial on how to use the Jolly Roger Telephone Company robot.

1.Sign up for a subscription.

After signing up, you will be asked for the phone numbers you would like to protect. Upon signing up, Your subscription will be activated immediately and with this you will then be ready to start using the bots!

2.Sign in To the Jolly Roger Telephone Company: called Pirate Porthole

You’ll be able to login to the website. It is generally called “Pirate Porthole,” In this section you can adjust the settings and twist this service to suit your desires.

When a telemarketer calls you, you can merge the call with one of Jolly Roger bots.

To choose a desired bot, you can dial a bot directly or just dial 206-259-4999 and they’ll randomly pick a bot for you. Or you can simply sign in to your Pirate Porthole account and set up favorite bots for each phone number you added.

3.After a call is finished

You can listen to your call signing in to the Pirate Porthole and click on the Call Log page. This page stores information and audio recordings for all the calls that the bots took for you.

Jolly Roger Telephone Company Net Worth and Revenue

Jolly Roger Telephone Company, LLC is located in Monrovia, CA, United States of America and It is part of the Computer Systems Design and Related Services Industry.

Jolly Roger Telephone Company, has 5 total employees across all of its locations and generates an annual revenue of $161,946.

So how much is Jolly Roger Telephone Company Net worth? According to RandomTalks net worth reportsRandomTalks net worth reports, Jolly Roger Telephone Company is worth $161,000.

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