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Meera Mishra – The Creative Writer

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I won’t let any opportunities go!
I’m a writer, author, Co-Author, and always want to be a learner.

I had started my carrier in 2020 and I had never thought about this kind of success found in the field of writing, where the power of a pen becomes faded day by day. It’s totally hard for me to raise my write-ups in the era, where everything has been digital and where a lot of people have opted for poetry and want to be a writer. And of course, it helps me too at some points in my carrier.

The Struggle Phase

The struggle phase never over at any stage of your life. The struggle becomes an unchangeable factor when you accept all the hard and struggle for it. I must say I’m still in the struggle phase.
The struggle phase helps you in your self–growth.
I always used to believe in self–growth.

The Initial Phase

The initial phase of mine is somewhat forth and back moves. I also decided to back out from this field as many people decided at the initial phase.


If I talk about the achievements, then I must truly say about it. I didn’t receive such great success in my life yet apart from winning a lot of challenges. But whatever I gain I’m happy with that.
Apart from all these. As a creative writer, my two books will be launched soon with a broad online platform.


No one in this world is the most capable person to take inspiration apart from yourself. My inspiration is me of course!
But my father plays a most important role in my life to inspire me as most of the father does to their child.
I used to walk along with him and I used to follow his path on which he prefers to walk.
He had a great struggle in his life and that struggle I had seen with my own eyes and this helps me to reach a higher peak.

My First Quote

I didn’t remember actually when were I wrote my first quote. But I remember my first poem that is song-based had been writing at the age of thirteen. I prefer to be a creative writer from childhood.
I wrote so many poems and quotes in my childhood, but I wasn’t serious about my carrier at that time.

Devotional writer – Kanha’s devotee

My father gives me the beautiful name “Meera” and I always respect this name. I love this name too much, and obviously, others who have so ever met in my life complement my name.
From childhood, the devotion towards “Kanha” is in my blood. I always prefer “Kanha” in my life to anyone else.
I love the personality of “Meera Bai” always. So, I adopt her personality for myself too.
The creativity and the Devotional nature match in my write-ups.
I love to write “Kanha” in my poems.

My First Book As Co-Author

My first book as Co-Author is “Murad – Ek Umeed.” I worked as co-author in that book. This book gives me the power to do more in this field. This book is an example of my creativity because I learned a lot of Urdu for only one write–up in this book.

My First Solo Book as an Author

My first solo book as an author is Kalam-Ek Swapn. This book is so named because this is the dream project for me and I really work hard for this book.
Description – this book describes my journey towards pen in 6 different ways.
For more, you all have to read this book.

How social media works for me?

Firstly I was visited “Facebook” but I didn’t love that platform for gaining reviews and I want reviews of my work hardly. I move to “Instagram” then after suggesting by one of my friends. Instagram is really a good platform and it gives me a lot of different kinds of reviews on my creativity in this field. I need that type of review at the initial stage of my carrier.
Not only reviews, but I also got many offers for anthologies. Of course, I had to accept almost all of these to build up my creativity towards writings.
I would feel glad to say that now I’m worked in so many anthologies only from “Instagram”.
So, Instagram is really a good platform for any kind of fine arts and creative people.

Social Links

Writer’s Zone India

This is the platform where all India’s meet together.
Among India, they organize many competitions.
Fortunately, I was the winner of two of their contest within two consecutive months with second and third positions as well.
This is the platform which helps me too much in my struggle phase and also helps me to build up self – belief to organize monthly creative writing contest and I love to participate in all of them.
They featured my quotes first time on their platform. And this feature builds up my self – believe which is very was needed in my carrier.
I don’t know they knew or not………. But yes of course they help me a lot to grow.
I always used to be grateful to that platform.
I personally would like to thanks all of the admins of that platform “Ms. Sarma Dikshita”, “Mr. Ranjit Sarma” and special thanks to “Mr. Abhinash Debjyoti.”

Why I choose to be a creative writer?

There’s no particular reason to become a creative writer but yet I would like to share the answer to this question. I choose to become a creative writer because
• It gives me an internal calmness,
• It builds up my self–growth and most important
• It helps me to find myself within myself.
Apart from my studies and my job, I prefer to be a creative writer all the time.
The creative writing dissolves in my nerves as like. It makes me more beautiful day by day.

A message to reader’s

A writer is nothing without his/ her readers.
I would like to thanks all my dear readers to give me such kind support and love.
It is you all who give me your precious time and read out my poetries.
I hope you guys will give me your love and support as well.
All I can say is a big thanks to all my dear readers.

I would like to say thanks to “My Influencer Journey” for giving me an opportunity to express myself in front of this world.
All I can say is a big thanks to “My Influencer Journey
Thank you so much!!

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  1. बहुत सुन्दर
    लाजबाब, तारीफे काबिल, अप्रतीम,

  2. You are really a good writer. I wish you a great success in the future. I am looking forward for poetry of yours, on something related to biotechnology 😋😂

  3. Loved reading this and got to know more of you❤️.. One whom I have loved writing with is you meera, and the personality you have is very sweet. More than knowing you as a writer, I have found a very sweet friend in you. Be what you are and keep influencing worlds with your words❤️😊🤗

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