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Shitij Verma – The Fashion Model

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Hello, Today I am going to tell you about the famous Fashion Model Shitij Verma. He is very handsome, dashing, and a stylish teenager. He is a popular Indian fashion influencer, actor, and model. Those who have won the hearts so many peoples through their Acting and Modelling and he has good looking personality and have big girl fan following. He is well–known for his lip-sync videos.
Even, in video shooting, he often wears casual shoes. He does not like to wear formal clothes. He prefers formal clothes occasionally. He also loves to do Modelling Photoshoots which he uploads on his Instagram account.
As we know that Shitij Verma is a teenager. However, he got a lot of popularity in a short time. Along with uploading videos on Instagram, his personality also attracts everyone. That is why he has a huge fan following on social media, especially on Instagram.
He is living happily with his family in New Delhi. He has loved acting, comedy since his childhood. So his family always encouraged him to make his career in this field.
Shitij Verma was born on 11th January 2002 and his age is 19 years old. He did his high schooling from St. Andrews Scots Sr. Sec. School, Delhi. He is doing his graduation from PGDAV (DELHI UNIVERSITY).
He is very close to his family especially to his mother and loves her a lot. Also, he is very kind-hearted which is why he helps a lot of people.

The initial face of the Shitij Verma started in school life. He always tries to give the best photos to his friends. In his early phase, he didn’t have a DSLR camera, so he took pictures by renting a camera from his friends or by taking pictures from his phone. There was a time too when he started to lose motivation, but he began to continue it by seeing the future of this growing industry. He knows that he wants to be self-independent. He wants to settle as early as possible. Soon, he started becoming famous in school. He became very popular among girls. But he never loses his motivation in becoming an influencer and still on the path of becoming one.


Shitij Verma started making videos on 6th September 2019. In 2019, Shitij Verma upload their first video on Instagram ‘Yaari’.
He got only 416 likes on this video. He continued making videos, and later, got immense popularity with his Instagram videos. He makes videos in collaboration with other brands Pepsi India, Zee 5, The Ustraa, and also others many brands.
He had 15k followers on Instagram.


He started his career from Facebook to Instagram and many other social platforms. He started his career by doing short videos on Instagram. Later on, he is doing collaboration videos with many popular brands like Pepsi India, Zee5, The Ustraa, and so on.
He started his journey from 0 followers to 15k followers with very hard work and with the support of family/ friends.
Shitij Verma most viewed video is “KHO GAYE HUM KAHA” (40k views) with the like of 1600.


He finds his inspiration in a variety of people and things. He always stays motivated towards something that he genuinely wants to do or achieve rather than other people. He finds things which he is interested in within his goals. Success is what motivated him to do better every time.
Knowing the fact that his hard work and perseverance will help him to achieve greater professional success is what keeps him going.

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Why I Choose To Be A Fashion Model

In school days SHITIJ VERMA has an in-depth passion for clicking photos. He started in a fun way by posting photos on social media every week. Soon his followers started increasing, he also starts getting DMs about his content, he started becoming popular not among students of his class but also among juniors and seniors. But this passion becomes a profession and this fun activity becomes a serious career when he gets his First Product to review. It was a hair oil product. When he gets his first income, he realizes that how early he can start earning with this thing. When others are just in college, he can earn money and can pursue college too. It is a growing industry and Shitij Verma also imagine the worst-case scenario in his mind, and it was only one thing that he will lose all his efforts. He realizes that he will stand on his own feet when others are asking for money, if this thing works. So, it was worth giving a shot in becoming a Fashion model.

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A Message To My Followers

I would say if you have a little passion for posting photos on social media or have the talent to entertain another person. You must give it a shot. As it is a digital era, the user of social media is increasing day-by-day and also the time they spend on it. It is one of the highest paying and independent jobs of the future. But remember you can’t enter this industry just by seeing the glamour or money. It also requires your daily hard work and an intense amount of mental pressure. You must enjoy the process and have an in-depth passion for it. But for the younger generation, this is definitely a revolutionary way to earn money and settle their career an early age.

I would like to say thanks to “My Influencer Journey” for giving me an opportunity to express myself in front of this world.
All I can say is a big thanks to “My Influencer Journey
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